I have some news for you Kylon

This started out with Kylon Killwhitey Marxist-Hooks announcing that white people do not experience domestic violence. I pointed out that this was both untrue and racist as fuck, to which she induldged a private temper tantrum and blocked me.

I will get my point across.

And your friends— and your flying shit gibbons reporting my profile — and your 12 step cult face fucks — won’t do shit about it. I have a copy of every single post you flagged and had deleted, and I will publish it on OVH. They host Wikileaks and they won’t do SHIT about your butthurt or your brigading. I’ll pay the domain ten years in advance and it’ll stay up even if I drop dead. ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿป

The extent to which I burn Howard Brown Health Center will depend on what they do. The call center said I was the third person today to call about it (I don’t know who you are but thank you) but nonetheless argued with me and defended you — and I’m sure the people who sign your checks will too.

This asshole is having people brigade my profile and report my posts. Fuck your lynch mob Kylon.

Kylon gave my number to my first so called sponsor who kept trying to date or fuck me.

I blocked that thirteen stepping sexual fucking predator and cut off contact years ago.

Kylon gave him my number after defaming me by publicly opining about my mental health / status and implying that I am dangerous to him.

In FACT his FRIENDS are the ones openly discussing violence against ME on Kylon’s posts:

I’m being oppressed by someone in the community with an audience of  about 1,600 and various stupid leather titles to go with his Director role at Howard Brown.

I on the other hand am a mental health consumer of his employer and Kylon is using his popularity and connections and standing in the community to further attack me — unpopular, marginalized, etc in the same community — for being mentally ill.

You don’t know shit about marginalization pretty boy and since you’re too fucking obtuse to stop and listen to me , then if your employer also does not care, then I would say that you BOTH need regulators and/or a judge to explain why what you did is not okay.

Now, I bet what Miss Kylon — didn’t tell ANYBODY is that before his PUBLIC message about my supposed mental health crisis , he sent this PRIVATE message to me. Apparently not satisfied with ROASTING me privately he set about PUBLICLY humiliating and DOXXING me under utterly a fucking false / bullshit pretext. You know who started with the fucking TEMPER TANTRUM?


And him and his friends keep desperately flagging ANY statement about that for removal and censorship. Why don’t they want me to talk about this?

You wanted to teach me a lesson or embarrass ME or cause problems for ME?


Then the fucking bitch switches gears from I'm "racist" to I'm "mentally ill."

Todays cultural competency lesson for the ignorant:

Regardless of the skin color of the perpetrator(s) (and this is ALL she cares about):

White people experience domestic violence, and in spades. Even and especially within the LGBT communuty. Law enforcement has next to ZERO interest when it is two MEN. I do not appreciate being told by a now former friend that my experience is NOT real because of my white skin.

Oh, her victimization is all that's important. I get it.

I was failed as a friend and by a so called community leader.

This blog is necessary because she loves having my voice suppressed muted and banned as it dares to challenge her narrow ass snowflake worldview.

Class dismissed.

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