Accusations of "disservice" and "killing alcoholics"

If I say something like, "You know, penicillin isn't really very good for treating staphylococcus infections, and it is totally useless against things like MRSA staphlococcus and anthrax", people respond in a sensible manner like,
"Yes, you are right. If somebody has infections like that, they are better treated with Keflex or dicloxacyllin or streptomycin — anything but penicillin."

But if I say, "You know, Alcoholics Anonymous isn't really very good for treating alcoholism," the A.A. true believers scream,
"You are heartless and immoral! You don't care how many alcoholics you kill! You are doing a great disservice to those who are seeking sobriety!"

That alone is proof that Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult religion, not a cure for alcoholism.

A.A. True Believers routinely accuse critics of "doing a great disservice to those seeking sobriety" — by telling the truth about alcoholism and Alcoholics Anonymous. They also claim that I am killing alcoholics by telling the truth. Here is a list of such letters:

  1. You are doing a real dis-service...

  2. I am afraid you are doing a great injustice to society by maintaining your website.

  3. Your "online book" does a great disservice to those looking for an answer.

  4. My dog demonstrates more care and responsibility than you do.

  5. kill people.

  6. I wonder how many people you killed by printing this.

  7. ...can keep people who need real help from finding it...

  8. ...please try to be more responsible in espousing your version of the truth, it could prove deadly to someone.

  9. They will have to go back to drinking themselves to death because AA wasn't scientific. Good job, Orange.


  11. I feel you are doing AA a dis-service for those who CHOOSE to try it, like I did.

  12. Now we know that he killed your family in the meantime...

  13. Your site is a disservice to people who have doubts...

  14. go to hell for killing all those poor dying alcohalics.

  15. You have done a great disservice in putting this vile stuff up on the net.

  16. Telling addicts that simply their own will power will conquer their addiction does them a great disservice.

  17. You do a great diservice to those in need of this program.

  18. your website potentially damages suffering alcoholics who could recover in AA

  19. I just hope that you don't help enable people who otherwise might have been able to recover.

  20. i feel so sorry for any young or mature human being that comes accross your page and gets the wrong message...

  21. You've done more harm than good.

  22. Hurting those who might be helped by AA is a great idea

  23. Your ill-thought words have the potential to be very damaging.

  24. you have done a great disservice to any one who reads it.

  25. ...what if an alcoholic thinking about trying to do something to try and combat their addiction had also stumbled across your page and decided after reading your page to make the decision to not try this approach...

  26. i hope that nobody who is in need of help from a 12 step program reads the misinformed drivel that you have written.

  27. Please realize that your "need" to defame AA may literally kill.

  28. I wonder just how many alcoholics have died after reading your paper and getting the idea that there's no hope.

  29. putting up this sort of material in a blog/article is KILLING PEOPLE

  30. But we do have freedom of speech. Sorry to see it used in a way that can hurt people.

  31. Your opinion can influence others to stay away from AA and in my mind you could be killing a life instead of saving one.

  32. it gives the alcoholic a very authoritative-appearing excuse to avoid AA and continue drinking.

  33. I believe that your site is killing people.

  34. could have the unfortunate result of dissuading people who could potentially benefit from what AA has to offer from looking into it...

  35. Do you realise how many people you may have killed by putting them off seeling the help they may have needed thro AA by your irresponsible paper?

  36. You and your organization should be ashamed of yourself for posting such complete nonsense...

  37. Let's say that there are people who find you writings do make sense, and who do not end up dieing or live torturous lives because they quit participating or end up never going to 12 step programs.

  38. The end result of your ranting are continued sickness for many and death for a number of those inflicted with the disease of addiction.

  39. My only hope is that a person suffering does not read this and not give AA an honest attempt...

  40. Do you know how much damage you are doing with this?

  41. You are doing the world a disservice by putting all this cult bullshit out there on the internet...

  42. How good will you feel if someone thats in trouble reads your bullshit and looses all hope believing these crack pot statements you make and ends up dying from some kind of overdose when he was just about to go to a meeting...

  43. Irresponsible and arrogant. I can;t believe this is readily available online, what a joke.

  44. The garbage you are writing is only hurting people..

  45. I don't know how you can live with yourself for writing such an incredibly bias and dangerous article.

  46. don't plant seeds in the minds of people

  47. the damage you do to them in pursuit of the agenda

  48. Your obssessive web page is dangerous

  49. Have you ever considered that in their quest for understanding, after reading the really negative stuff on your site a whole bunch of people might just cash in too,.... and die?

  50. I hope your conscience and karma pays you back well for any opportunities of recovery that you have destroyed for some fragile, scared alcoholic browsing the web, who could have benefited from AA.

  51. you killed someone

  52. I wonder how many people died by your bullshit

  53. You are doing far more damage than the treatment centers themselves are.

  54. It is good that you are trying to help people, but maybe (just a possibility) you are being detrimental.

  55. You ... may have actually steered a person away from an experience that could possibly have saved their lives?

  56. You're killing more people by shying them from the one thing that might help them.

  57. now both YOU and AA and other 12 step groups, hospitals, many in the health fields, churches too, are equally guilty of "killing people."

  58. I hope someday you realize the harm you could be doing to others by know?

  59. If people die after reading your words, I hope you have a conscience that can suffer.

  60. ...all you've done is misdirect the people in need of help. You're no better than ol' Bill preying on his helpless vixens.

  61. Is this rant of yours your attempt at mass murder?

  62. I hope if you meant to kill people with your tirade that you fail miserably...

  63. On the drive home, they drift into another lane and kill a family of four and themselves.

  64. You comments and so called "facts" are confusing people and so preventing them from looking into something that could change their life.

  65. You may actually prevent someone finding their solution to their substance abuse problem. ... It's negative and has the potential to cause harm.

  66. the blog that you posted is not only detrimental to active alcoholics but could possibly be deadly

  67. Great job at possibly killing an alcoholic

  68. this body of work is in general an immense disservice to ALL programs of recovery.

  69. ...your presentation my be upsetting for some of the most sick and vulnerable people on the planet.

  70. Do you realise that your posting might actually cause real harm...

  71. Dogma and religion fills every crevasse of Americana and you throw a tantrum over it and start a website that likely convinces people to keep drinking when some could of got sober in AA.

  72. You've probably been responsible for helping many drunks to their untimely grave, lying to them about AA,...

And you know, not a single one of them has ever honestly answered the question of, "What is the real A.A. success rate?"

Without any lying with qualifiers or making excuses or claiming that they didn't work the program right, what is the actual A.A. success rate?

No answer. Ever.

Just more accusations that I must be killing alcoholics by telling the truth.

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