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Date: Sun, December 1, 2013 9:37 pm     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "eoghan o r."
Subject: A.A. What's not good — response

Thank you for the informative "A.A.: What's not good", may I ask... What is A.A.'s "Secret Agenda" ? A.A. is a Non-profit organization? I've notice you are looking for donations...donations for what?

Who or what is this A.Orange?

Kind regards

Hello Eoghan,

Thanks for the letter and the compliment and some good questions.

Okay, first off, A.A. is not really a non-profit organization. Oh, I know that legally they incorporated A.A. as two non-profit corporations, but they make a lot of money. They get about $12 million a year selling books. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The real money is in the rehab centers. Rehab is a $20 billion per year business, and the 12-Step treatment centers get 75% of that.

The leader of A.A. takes in $250,000 per year, and many executives get over $100,000 per year. And they have a "prudent reserve" of anywhere from $6 to 12 million cash in the bank. That isn't exactly an impoverished non-profit.

You can see the A.A. financial filings with the U.S. government here:

Then, A.A.'s "secret agenda" is simple: To grow the 12-Step cult religion and organisation. They have been scheming to completely take over the alcoholism treatment business for the last 70 years. It started with Bill Wilson planning to set up profit-making hospitals for alcoholics, and he did set up a rehab farm in upstate New York.

Now most of the rehab facilities have no legal connection to Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. That is the beauty of the system. The "treatment centers" treat people with the 12-Step cult religious quack cure, and recruit new members for Steppism, and sell the new recruits the A.A. books, but the A.A. headquarters in New York is not legally responsible for any fraud or abuses or failures that occur. The treatment centers make millions of dollars by selling the 12-Step nonsense, and the 12-Step religion gets new members and more book sales.

And at the same time, A.A. members talk judges into sentencing people like drunk drivers and habitual drunks to 12-Step meetings, or to "treatment programs" where the main feature of the so-called "treatment" is 12-Step meetings.

The donations that I get are nothing compared to what A.A. gets. They get millions. I get a few hundreds each year, which covers everything from web hosting and bandwidth to replacement computer gear to books and blank CDs and DVDs to more disk drives for backups. Believe it or not, I have a web site that just reached 6 million hits a month, while operating on a budget of $300 or $400 per year.

I've listed all of the autobiographical information several times. Here is the list again:

  1. Why did I make all of these pages? For a lot of reasons.

  2. About the motivation for creating the site, that is funny. I never set out to create any such thing. I was just going to write a 30-page essay about A.A. and what I saw as its failings and why it was inappropriate for use in treatment programs.

  3. the introduction, my introduction to A.A.

  4. the "treatment" bait-and-switch trick

  5. another friend goes missing

  6. who are you

  7. who are you, again

  8. really an alcoholic...

  9. definitions of "an alcoholic"

  10. Rat Park and Other Children's Stories

  11. How did you get to where you are?

  12. A biography written for SOS

  13. history of the Orange Papers, and

  14. censorship, the Orange Papers censored and erased by Yahoo Geocities

  15. the "Orange" name.

  16. There are some recent pictures of me and my little friends here and here and here.

My birth name is Terrance Hodgins, and I live in rural Oregon, west of Portland. The name "Orange" began as a joke. A woman who used the name of "Apple" ran a web site called AAdeprogramming.com, and I sent some of my original papers to her web site. I said that since she was "Apple", I would be "Orange", so that we could make jokes about mixing Apples and Oranges.

And the name stuck. I've been using that pen name for so long that many people know me by no other name.

Have a good day now.

== Orange

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**     that you keep me sober just for today.
**     And now the whole wide world can see,
**     that I've been restored to sanity!
**     Amen.
**        ==  John
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Date: Mon, December 2, 2013 8:15 am     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Frank S"
Subject: The jim battle

Hi Orange,

I agree with the statement by btnben below...
this jimbattle person/ and AntiDenial, I don't know what they are up to exactly but they "globally attack the Orange Papers forum"
That's the only way I can say it.
Thanks for your time.

Submitted by btnben on Mon, 12/02/2013 — 01:42
The only way we're going to clean it up is to do something. I've written to Orange (content below). If you care about this forum, I suggest you do the same.

"To Orange
Nov 29 at 10:22 AM
Hello Orange

Whilst I have always agreed with your stance on not censoring people I do feel that a line has to be drawn somewhere. The Jim Battle/AntiDenial debacle is making a mockery out of the forum. It's become a series of self-pitying and unfairly judgmental posts that are turning other members away. Example :-

Praise God for Fairminded Supporters!

Anti-Denial,I did not read what the person said that you responded to but I know that your comment is true. These people think it's fair to "excel at public[ly] shaming AA" while look the other way when it comes to churches that donate space or rent to them. These OPF members are very unfair people

.They are kind who would take a bribe (if they were judges in a court of law) or look the other way if a special interest group they like commits a crime. That's why I don't want their support. I'm looking for the support of fair-minded people like you and Orange

.The Anti-AA Preacher

Jim Battle is using your forum as his own pulpit — completely ignoring all but his lapdog, AntiDenial. I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of members have had enough of it. People are staying away from the forum as a result.

Many people use this forum, to great effect, to chat with people who have been in a similar position in leaving AA/NA. Up until the arrival of Jim Battle and follower there were one or two new people joining every week. Since his arrival, there have been no new members joining that I have seen. There is the distinct possibility that he and his follower are stopping people from joining a forum that may be helpful to them.

On a more personal note, in your shoes I would be very wary about having my name linked to these two. They have a hidden agenda that can only have the effect of being an embarrassment to anyone linked with them. It would be a real shame to have your years of work besmirched by association with a couple of over-zealous crazies.


Hello Frank,

Thanks for the letter. I'm aware of the debates and disagreements that are happing around Jim Battle and his posts. I'm hoping that people can calm down and not argue bitterly. Oh, I expect them to argue. That is the essence of what a forum is. There has to be room for disagreement and different viewpoints. I don't feel like having some people post religious opinions besmirches the forum. Other people are just as free to post their own rebuttals.

Now I understand how some people find certain religious diatribes so objectionable. Believe me, I could write long papers about the history of the Christian religion in the Middle Ages, and how many people they murdered, and girls burned as witches, and Bruno the astronomer burned for saying that the Earth orbited the Sun. And the Crusades, and the Twenty Years War, and the Forty Years War, and the Hundred Years War... I could even write about what a murdering warlord Moses was (look here), what with him saying that it was okay to rob, rape, murder, and enslave everybody who isn't Jewish. And to practice genocide on non-Jews.

Nevertheless, I am hoping that we can find some common ground with the religious community, particularly Christian churches. If they really came to understand how heretical and anti-Christian the 12-Step religion is, then they would oppose it.

It is hard to overstate the power and influence of the churches in America. Like I said in a previous letter, at one time I lived in the South, in the Bible Belt, where there are as many churches as bars, and the Southern Baptist Church just rules. We really need to open a dialogue with those people. If they knew what kind of a phony religion Steppism really is, it would be a devastating blow to the 12-Step empire.

So I really hope that people on both sides of the debate can calm down and cool off a bit, and try to be tolerant of even somewhat obnoxious viewpoints. We stand to gain much if we can form some alliances with the religious community.

Still, that doesn't mean that you have to agree with things that you consider wrong. You are quite free to disagree and state your opinion in response. That's what makes a good debate.

Have a good day now.

== Orange

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**     People start reasoning things out, and as soon as they begin to
**     get anywhere they drop everything and run.
**     ==  Ugo Betti, Struggle 'Till Dawn (1949), 2, tr. G. H. McWilliam

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Date: Mon, December 2, 2013 4:18 pm     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Thomas C."
Subject: AA


Where do you get all this stuff?


Sent from my iPhone

Hello Tom,

Thanks for the question. The answer depends on which stuff you mean. I started with A.A.'s own literature, and went on to the anti-A.A. literature, and then a zillion related books. You can see the whole list and descriptions of books and things in the bibliography, here:

And then there are personal experiences. It started with me going to an outpatient "treatment center" where a cocaine-snorting child-raping Stepper "counselor" yammered slogans at us. That is described here:
https://www.orange-papers.info/orange-intro.html, My Introduction to A.A.

And then there are the many horror stories that other people have sent in. Here are the lists:

Have a good day now.

== Orange

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**       ==  Dr. Gregory House, in the TV series House

[The next letter from Thomas_C is here.]

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Date: Tue, December 3, 2013 9:04 pm     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Tom H."
Subject: Scientific Studies are almost a waste of time in treatment programs...

In a recent letter, Christian based "treatment programs" were discussed. The assumption was that if Christian treatment programs had a better than average success rate the Christians would be bragging about it. None of the organizations, whether secular or non secular, "work," and I can prove it without wasting time, energy and money.

I have stated this numerous times. If any organization or program, that is available today, or in the past, had a "success rate" or "cure rate" of even 25%, the suffering alcoholics and drug addicts, would be knocking each other over to become members. Maybe someday there will be a medical cure. But if and when that takes place there will be some major medical breakthroughs with mental disorders. Probably starting with major depression issues.

Until that happens, many people "out there" are going to go through the mill as so many of us have. It's a shame I had to be 50 years old before I got sober. But then again, I am grateful, because I know people older than 50 who still drink alcoholically today, and most of them are going to die of alcoholism. Anyway, enough of my cheery Holiday post.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

Hello Tom,

I quite agree. If anybody came up with a treatment that really worked, people would be flocking to it like mad. Even most treatment centers would quickly switch to using it.

Alas, there is no such thing.

And when you think about it, what "treatment" is supposed to do is make people quit drinking. The "treatment" is supposed to control people's behavior, and make them do what somebody else wants. That would require some kind of a mind control program that could over-ride people's own will, and bend them to someone else's will, and make them do what the other person wants. That sounds like the dream of a dictator.

Thank God there is no such program.

I can only agree about waiting until I was 52 years old to get sober. I wish I had done it 30 years sooner.

Have a good day now, and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     If some fool practices medicine without a license and kills a
**     coronary disease patient by giving him a poisonous witch's brew
**     of toxic herbs and chemicals, that fool will most assuredly be
**     prosecuted for manslaughter and practicing medicine without a
**     license.
**     But if some fool practices medicine without a license and kills an
**     alcoholic or a drug addict by giving him a poisonous witch's brew
**     of old cult religion and faith healing, nobody gets prosecuted.
**     Now why is that?

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Date: Wed, December 4, 2013 3:44 am     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Chris B."
Subject: Please approve my registration

Greetings Orange,

I'm almost two years sober.
I went through THE most rigid AA based rehab center in Texas in March of 2012.
I went to work at this facility in January of this year.
I was, however, always taught to question the dominant paradigm.... which I did... and still do.
And then I stumbled upon your work.

Would love to chat sometime.


Crash B

Sent from my iPhone

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the message and the compliments, and congratulations on your sobriety. And I'm really glad to hear that your mind is still open and awake and active.

Sure, I'd like to communicate with you sometime.

So have a good day now, and Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     For me to sit with a new guy and tell him he needs God and he needs
**     to work the steps in order to save his life is tantamount to murder
**     or at least some form of assisted suicide.
**       ==  posted by Rant at 9:37 am, Monday, November 5, 2012, on
**         http://moynihaninstitute.blogspot.com/2012/11/aa-kills-more-drunks-than-it-helps.html

December 7, 2013, Saturday, my back yard in Forest Grove:

Mourning Doves
Mourning Doves
A flock of half a dozen Mourning Doves showed up in my back yard today. They love the sunflower seeds and other birdseed that I put out for them. They are extremely timid, however. They fly a block away when I walk into the back yard. To photograph these birds, I had to shoot from my second-story bedroom window, through dirty glass, to avoid frightening them. I couldn't even walk right up to the window. That frightens them. I had to stay in the middle of the room, and shoot out the window with an extreme telephoto lens. And yet, you can see that they were still warily watching me as I photographed them. They know I'm there; they watch me right through the window.

They hung around for a while. A few stand watch up in a tree while others fly down to the ground to feed on the seeds. They are especially hungry for high-calorie foods like Black Oil Sunflower seeds right now because we are in the middle of an intense nation-wide cold snap and it's really freezing, so the birds need to burn a lot of high-energy food to stay warm. So they come here every day to get the seeds. But I don't often get a chance to get photographs of them.

Mourning Doves
Mourning Dove

Mourning Doves
Mourning Doves
They are all watching me, very warily.

Mourning Doves
Mourning Doves

[More animal photos below, here.]

I printed this three years ago, and just stumbled across it now. It's worth repeating.

BLOG NOTE: 23 December 2010

To All: Have a Merry Christmas, and remember that eggnog is great without whiskey.

At this time of the year, a lot of ex-drinkers feel deprived of their fair share of the fun and games. I don't. Some people ask me if I don't feel left out, or cheated in life, if I can't join in the partying and get high at Christmas and New years. My answer is, "Do I feel deprived and cheated because I can't consume a poison that will leave me with a splitting headache and hung-over and cloudy-headed and sick and jittery? No, I don't feel deprived. Been there, done that. It wasn't all that great. I really like the clarity that I have now, and I plan to keep it, thank you."

Have a Merry Christmas.

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Date: Wed, December 4, 2013 7:55 am     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "J T."
Subject: Atheist with an addiction

My user name us Atlas-Revolt... I've been watching your videos on YouTube and it's confirmed what I believe about AA.... There's no alternative to 12step programs where I live... well that should say enough I suppose

Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android-Powered Device

Hello JT,

You are in. Welcome.

I must comment that those are actually not my videos. I haven't ever made a video yet, and when I do, the first ones will be about cute little fluff-ball goslings. I'm still collecting the software tools to get the video editing done. And then of course I have to get a Round Tuit.

Those videos were made by various people. Mike B. and James G. and BlameDenial (pun: Blame Dee Nile) come to mind as making a bunch of them, and they often ended their videos by putting a plug to my web site in the closing credits. But I never gave them anything but moral support, and maybe an idea or two.

Here are some more links to Mike and James and BD videos. Once you find one, the YouTube page will link you to many more.

Also, I stumbled across these goodies while searching for BlameDenial videos. So here is some more Christmas vacation entertainment:

Okay, that's enough to keep everybody entertained through the Christmas holidays.

Have a good day now, and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     MITCHELL: "Hey Tilk, how did you resist that brainwashing?"
**     TILK:  "To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important."
*       ==  Stargate SG-1
**     AA's followers inevitably ask "But why do all the top doctors support
**     the disease concept if it isn't true?" Well... back in the 50s, the
**     American Medical Association endorsed cigarettes. Whenever something
**     is endorsed by doctors on the surface but lacks hard evidence, be very
**     very suspicious. The same goes for psychiatry and the "chemical
**     imbalance theory".
**        == sdp026  http://youtube.com/watch?v=MW799LJHhZU

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Date: Wed, December 4, 2013 1:41 pm     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Ted B."
Subject: Stephen King's new book Dr. Sleep

Aloha Terry,

This is still my favorite website! I had 2 nightmares last night about drinking again, but that's not why I'm writing you.

I just saw a letter from someone else in regards to the new Stephen King book, Dr. Sleep, asking your opinion of the book. I myself have been a big fan of Stephen King since I was a teenager, and intrigued by his books, stories as a child (before I could actually read thru one of his novels).

King is a 'recovering alcoholic/addict'... he writes about this briefly in his book "On Writing: a memoir of the craft". He attended a typical, traditional rehab and is now an AA member. This is very clear from his new book "Dr. Sleep" which is a sequel to 'The Shining'. I will finish the novel because I like the story so far, and I loved 'The Shining'... but it is pro-AA. I just hope he does not promote or praise it too much in the book. The Denzel Washington movie 'Flight' was a very good movie i thought, even though it had pro-AA sentiment.

King's new book is interesting and entertaining, like 'The Shining'...his opinion of AA shouldn't take too much away from that... I hope (I'm only on chapter 2). I can sit thru a movie or read thru a book about alcoholism with pro-AA sentiment ONCE if it is entertaining and forgive the writer for being a bit ignorant about the facts... there really still are a whole lot of people who believe the lie (it was all I ever heard until I found THIS WEBSITE)... and I had to search for the truth.. the AA lie seems to be all around when you are sick from alcohol.

My favorite work of art about alcoholism will probably always be 'The Lost Weekend' movie from 1945 (Best Picture) ... it doesn't even mention AA. Well, that's all I have to say for now. I have been abstinent from AA and alcohol for almost 2 years... mainly because I just found better things to do, and my thinking skills have improved with time... and yes I CAN remember the bad times, and there are NO mental blank spots (subtle lies to scare you into staying in the cult).

Thanks as always for this site,

Hi Ted,

Thanks for the letter and the compliments and the interesting observations.

Yes, I've liked Stephen King's fiction for many years, too. I'm sorry to hear that his brain melted down, and that he joined the Dark Side. I'm reminded of this old quote, "Smart people are very good at rationalizing things they came to believe for non-smart reasons."

But then again, maybe Stephen King will get another horror novel out of it. That shouldn't be too hard, considering what a horror story A.A. already is. King has a variety of possible plot lines to work with:

  1. The protagonist sells his soul to the Devil in trade for sobriety. The kicker is that he didn't know that it was the Devil when he made the bargain; he thought that he was bargaining with some benevolent "Higher Power". As the story progresses, the Devil keeps making increasingly bizarre and evil demands, and the protagonist has to lie to newcomers and deceive them and lure them in, and get them to surrender to the Devil too.

  2. A Gaslight plot where the whole A.A. group conspires to convince a newcomer that he is insane. (Gaslight was an old movie where a guy schemed to drive a woman insane by convincing her that she already was insane.)

  3. An oldtimer at the meetings suffers from blackouts and does horrible things while blacked out. He starts stalking the newcomer while blacked out, mumbling darkly about how the newcomer wasn't working a strong program. And he mutters that the newcomer must also sell his soul to "Higher Power".

  4. The protagonist suffers from blackouts and wakes up not knowing what crimes he might have committed last night. He lives in fear of what he is going to do tonight.

  5. The protagonist discovers that his whole meeting group is insane, and they insist that he stop taking his doctor-prescribed medications and just rely on occult rituals and magic to cure his ailments. (Oh wait, this one is already real.)

Yes, that could be a lot of fun. Maybe I should take up writing horror stories. (As if I didn't already have enough to do.)

I also liked "The Lost Weekend".

Date: Wed, December 4, 2013 2:10 pm     (answered 7 December 2013)
From: "Ted B."
Subject: Recovery Programs

I was just reading a letter to you about 'religious' versus 'secular' recovery programs. It seems rather complicated, but how about... NO recovery programs. There should be more 'support groups' that aren't AA, I guess, for people who don't have friends or family to talk to... but groups and 'programs', well, for me anyway, would never keep me from drinking if i wanted to drink. Between meetings or sessions when people are alone, and can really only count on themselves to stay sober...that's what they have to do, by themselves.

This is where AA says, just call your sponsor. It is depending too much, or in AA's case entirely too much on other people to do the job of staying sober for you.

Just another opinion,

Indeed. Why have recovery programs when they don't work? What a stupid waste of time and money.

The whole idea of "programs" is such a bureaucratic fiasco. That's a politician's answer to everything. Create another "program".

Now I'd be all for drug and alcohol treatment programs if they actually worked, but they don't. The best that can be said for them is that they produce a slight improvement that quickly fades out.

But the worst that they do is things like increasing the binge drinking, and the death rate, and the suicide rate, and the divorce rate, and the rearrest rate, and the cost of hospitalization...

And another aspect of treatment programs that we were just talking about in a previous letter is the problem that the real goal of a treatment program is to control the behavior of the patient. When you think about it, what "treatment" is supposed to do is make people quit drinking. The "treatment" is supposed to control people's behavior, and make them do what somebody else wants (like not drink alcohol, or not take drugs). That would require some kind of a mind control program that could over-ride people's own wills, and bend them to someone else's will, and make them do what the other person wants. That sounds like the dream of a dictator.

Thus treatment programs, and A.A. in particular, give false hopes that some external power (or "Higher Power") will suddenly solve your problem for you, and make you behave properly. When people find out that it doesn't work, they relapse. And they sometimes become so disillusioned that they give up.

Oh well, have a good day now, and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**      ...the spectacle of a celebrity entering a drug and alcohol
**      treatment center, relapsing, then heading to rehab again
**      — and again and again — has become depressingly familiar.
**         ==  Bankole A. Johnson, The Washington Post,
**               Sunday, August 8, 2010; B03
**           Also see this information about Prof. Bankole A. Johnson of the
**            University of Virginia, here.
**     Buy a Hallmark Christmas card and help A.A. to rape underage girls.

[The next letter from Ted_B is here.]

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Date: Wed, December 4, 2013 11:11 pm     (answered 8 December 2013)
From: "Bill T."
Subject: The God Delusion

Picked up this book at the library by Richard Dawkins, you may have read it. A lot of really good stuff in it. I love it when I find something that has been well thought out and presented. Some parts have really touched my hart. We all are searching for answers. But a lot of the time we end up in places that offer an answer only to give none at all. The only thing given is marching orders.

I am almost to 90 days without a meeting and doing okay. I wish I had more to say here but that is about it for now.

Please post this. I would like to get the word out on this book.

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the tip. And congratulations on your freedom from meetings, and your sobriety.

I've read some stuff by Richard Dawkins, and like him. I especially liked The Selfish Gene. I have that. I don't think I've read more than bits and pieces of The God Delusion. I'll have to put a hold on it at the library and add it to my list of things to do.

Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are two of my favorite iconoclastic writers. And yes, they are very clear and don't believe no bull.

Some other people have asked what it would be like if Richard Dawkins wrote "The AA Delusion".

Oh, and that reminds me, I have been watching his lecture series on YouTube. I need to finish it. There is a long multi-part lecture — I think Christmas lectures at Oxford — where he gives his oversight of biology. Fascinating.

I don't have the URL handy, but a search of YouTube will find it.

Have a good day now, and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     Like computer viruses, successful mind viruses will be hard
**     for their victims to detect. If you are the victim of one,
**     the chances are that you won't know it, and may even
**     vigorously deny it.
**       ==  Richard Dawkins

December 8, 2013, Sunday, my back yard in Forest Grove:

My fat backyard Squirrel, eating rolled oats
By the way, I'm seeing four fingers and a thumb on that little guy. Earlier, I thought that squirrels had three fingers and a thumb, the same as mice do, but that isn't what this photo shows me.

My fat backyard Squirrel, scrounging for more munchies
The next day, Monday the 9th of December, there were two of these squirrels in my back yard happily eating the seeds. So this one has a friend. A few days earlier, I saw both of them in the same tree in my back yard, climbing down as I put out the daily ration of seeds. I don't know if they are a mated pair, or relatives, or just friends, or just neighbors, but they don't seem to be hostile to each other.

Dark-Eyed Juncos
Dark-Eyed Juncos
A flock of two dozen of these Juncos has adopted my back yard as their favorite feeding station. They are around most of the time. The males are the ones with the darker, almost black, heads, and the females have lighter gray-brown heads.

All of the birds — all species — are eager to fill up with seeds in this weather. It's really cold, with temperatures down in the twenties all day long, which is unusual for central Oregon, so the birds need to burn a lot of high-calory food to generate heat and keep from freezing, so they are eagerly gobbling down large quantities of seeds. So my back yard is getting a lot of traffic, and I'm putting out two or three times as much food each day as is usual.

Dark-Eyed Juncos
Dark-Eyed Juncos
The one on the left is a female; the other two, with the darker heads, are males.

Western Scrub Jay
Western Scrub Jay
Two or three of these birds regularly visit in my back yard to get seeds to eat. They nest nearby in the summer. The picture is fuzzy because the Jay is way up in a tree, and I had to magnify and crop the picture a lot to get an image of the bird.

[The story of the goslings continues here.]

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Date: Thu, December 5, 2013 6:47 am     (answered 8 December 2013)
From: "Anon"
Subject: Bill W and Dr.Bob new Deity

Hi Terry, congrats on your 13 years of real recovery and a superb factually informing website.

Stumbling upon your website 12 years ago utterly set me free from Steppism and all it's madness.

Overheard at an AA meeting and directed from the chairperson to the congregation was the advice: "If you do not believe in God why not pray to the founders of AA, Bill W and Dr. Bob." !!

The people in the room looked like they had experienced a 'lightbulb' revelation.

I did not hang around to see the results lol. The madness is truly alive and kicking in the UK.

Anon. 27 years free of booze.

PS: Terry, please do not print my mail address.

Hello Anon,

Thanks for the letter and the compliments and a good laugh. Yes, "pray to the Founders". Oh yeh, sure, Saint Bill will save you.

Yes, it reminds me of lines from The Rocky Horror Picture Show: "Madness reigns supreme..."

Congratulations on your 27 years of taking care of your health. Obviously, you did it yourself, not Saints Bill and Bob.

Oh, by the way, doesn't "Pray to the Founders Bill and Bob" kind of conflict with Christian teachings? Isn't there a tiny conflict there? And yet, A.A. continues to meet in church basements and tell the pastor that A.A. beliefs are completely compatible with Christianity. Yeh, right.

Have a good day now, and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     "God... relieve me of the bondage of self" (Big Book p.63)
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Date: Fri, December 6, 2013 1:55 am     (answered 8 December 2013)
From: "Ray S."
Subject: Ford and the Nazis

Hi Terry,

Just ran across this:

#3. Henry Ford's Nazi Connections Were Way Deeper Than Anyone Thought

Read more:

Hello Ray,

This is an odd one. I'm not sure if this web site is supposed to be humorous or real. Half of the articles seem genuine, and half seem to be spoofs. The web site is "cracked". Is that Cracked Magazine, the other "Mad Magazine"? I'm not sure if this web site is trying to be a copy of The Onion.

On the other hand, the information about Ford and the Nazis is true. I've gotten the same information from other sources. Henry Ford sent Adolf Hitler 50,000 Deutschmarks for his birthday, year after year. Hitler, in turn, admired Henry Ford, and had Ford's picture in his office, and Ford's books on his desk. Henry Ford, in turn, reprinted anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda like The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

There is much more about that here: https://www.orange-papers.info/orange-rroot540.html

One of the biggest secrets of American history is how many of the rich and powerful men in the USA were traitors who supported Hitler, even during the war. The Bush family's patriarch, Vandevere Bush, was trading with Hitler during the war until the Feds seized his bank. But they didn't put him in prison. The DuPont family and other American fascists conspired to overthrow President Roosevelt and end democracy and establish a Fascist American government. Just one loyal general stopped them. They were not prosecuted. In fact, Roosevelt covered up the plot, and classified the Congressional report that documented the whole conspiracy, because he thought that he would need the rich fascist bastards' cooperation, and their factories, to win the war.

I never heard any of that in high school or college history. The famous historian Henry Steele Commager wrote the textbook for my college course in American history, and he never reported a word of that. Not a bit of it. I don't know why that is such big secret. It is still little known today.

Oh well, have a good day and a Merry Christmas.

== Orange

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**     When we had won World War 2, a lot of people thought that we had won
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**     It turns out that the monster is impossible to kill, and that the war
**     never ends. The monster reappears in various forms and disguises, again
**     and again, always with a good excuse for another war, and sometimes the
**     monster even dares to appear to be your friend and savior who will save
**     you from war and evil.

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