What Works

We've been brainwashed with wrong information,
and now we gotta get good information.
== Dr. Joel Fuhrman


Here is the list of non-cult, sane, evidence-based methods and support groups:

And here is the Top 10 reading list, which really numbers closer to 30 items, which can also give you much good information:

And here is my own description of what worked for me, with links to many more lists of treatment programs and ratings of their effectiveness, and also links to more discussions of what has worked for other people:

Here is a list of discussions of what other people found helpful:

  1. A 20-year oldtimer gives his methods
  2. suggestion 1: just don't drink
  3. get over drugs and alcohol
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis
  5. one woman finds WFS very helpful
  6. not powerless
  7. what is the answer
  8. more suggestions
  9. Just don't drink any more alcohol, not ever, not for any reason.
  10. quit now and save a brain cell
  11. my 'Four-Step program'
  12. the one-step program
  13. better than A.A.
  14. what's helpful
  15. do it yourself
  16. more suggestions, groups
  17. do it yourself — the most successful program
  18. do it yourself some more
  19. more of what works
  20. the phases of quitting
  21. More advice here
  22. more advice.
  23. more advice.
  24. Bruce: "What is the answer?"
  25. Susan: "What works?" again
  26. Naltrexone and the Sinclair Method
  27. Scientific Studies of Naltrexone
  28. Baclofen worked for her.
  29. Consider a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.
    Also see this letter about how a diagnosis of "alcoholism" immediately prevents any other underlying diagnosis like depression or ADD. The "authorities" claim that alcohol caused the mental problems, not that the mental problems caused the drinking.
  30. Consider a diagnosis of thyroid disease.
  31. 10 Steps to Loving Yourself

Then these are slightly off-topic, and discuss alcoholism in general rather than "what works":

  1. A study by the NIAAA found that mutations of the gene that grows dopamine receptors in peoples' brains makes some people get much more pleasure out of alcohol than other people.

  2. Information about the shrivelled-up Cerebellar Vermises that sexually abused children have.

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