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Date: Fri, June 24, 2011 4:34 am     (answered 28 June 2011)
From: Bob O.
Subject: Another study

Mister T,

Thank you for all you do. I can't help but count. I now count the days since my last 12-step meeting. I thought I would have no place to go without the cult but I have found the "New Beginnings Community Center" for brain injury rehabilitation. I volunteer there every day I can. I will try never to mention my 30+ years in the cults. If 12-step cults come up I will point people to your work. I know you are extremely busy but if you have not seen this please read


Thank you again.

Long Island Bob O.

Hello again, Bob,

I hope your volunteer work is pleasant and positive. That is a really good thing to be doing.

About the study:

7-year trajectories of Alcoholics Anonymous attendance and associations with treatment
Lee Ann Kaskutas, Dr. P.H.,1,2 Jason Bond, Ph.D.,1 and Lyndsay Ammon Avalos, Ph.D.1
1 Alcohol Research Group, Public Health Institute
2 School of Public Health, University of California Berkeley
Address correspondence to: Lee Ann Kaskutas, Alcohol Research Group, 6475 Christie Avenue, Suite 400, Emeryville, CA 94608-1010, (510)597-3456, Fax (510)985-6459, Email: [email protected]

I knew that it was bullshit as soon as I saw the authors quote Moos four times in a row at the start of the paper. When you see a lot of references to Moos and Moos, and Humphreys and Moos, you know that you are looking at another piece of non-scientific garbage that just intends to fool you into thinking that the 12-Step cult is good. The Moos and Moos and Humphreys and Moos teams are a bunch of professional propagandists for the 12-Step treatment racket. They crank out zillions of papers that try to claim that A.A. did something good, but they never do proper scientific or medical testing to establish a real cause-and-effect relationship. They never do a true randomized longitudinal controlled study to determine how well A.A. really works.

I have criticized their fake studies before. Look here and here.

Another glaring sign of bullshit is the fact that this study had no control group. There was no group of people who got neither treatment nor A.A., to see how many of those people quit drinking without the 12-Step superstition. The lack of a control group means that this is a worthless exercise in number-shuffling that does not and can not establish whether A.A. makes alcoholics quit drinking. Likewise, they also cannot establish whether treatment did anything good. No control group.

What the authors of this paper were trying to establish was some kind of correlation between going to treatment and then going to a lot of A.A. meetings. What a waste of paper and type. Most "treatment programs" simply tell people to go to A.A. meetings, so of course people who go to treatment often then go to a bunch of meetings afterwards, for a while, until they quit going, which is often pretty soon.

The authors observed that many people who went to meetings gradually dropped out and quit going. They divided the people into four groups, depending on how many meetings they went to, and how soon they quit. They also distinguished between unbelievers and fervent believers. And then they tried to draw some conclusions.

They tried to infer "an association" between going to more A.A. meetings and increased sobriety, but they didn't really establish any such relationship. All that they really established is that in all of the groups, people quit going to meetings and resumed drinking, which shows that treatment has no "holding power". Meaning, the effects don't last.

The authors slipped all kinds of invalid assumptions into the paper, like this:

...it seems reasonable that initially high doses of attendance may sufficiently inculcate an abstemious lifestyle for some dependent alcoholics. It appears that the high AA group had correctly judged their need for heavy meeting attendance and activities early on, which is why their meeting attendance did not decline steeply (as it did for the descending AA group). This phenomenon may help to engender (and explain) the view heard frequently among AA members that decreasing one's meeting attendance can be dangerous, even for "old-timers" with a number of years of abstinence "under their belt."

The authors assumed that A.A. meetings "inculcated an abstemious lifestyle", totally ignoring the fact that people really learn from bad experiences like getting so sick from alcohol that they need hospitalization or detoxing. That is what gets people to quit drinking. Then the authors assumed that alcoholics had a "need for heavy meeting attendance and activities", which is an A.A. belief that is completely unsupported by any facts. The truth is that A.A. meetings do not make alcoholics quit drinking or keep them sober. Then the authors parrotted the standard cultish phobia induction that declares that you will die if you leave the cult, or even just cut down on meeting attendance. Yes, this paper is propaganda.

And in the end, it all meant nothing. The authors established no cause-and-effect relationship between either treatment or meeting attendance and sobriety, or between treatment and meeting attendance. The authors even said so at the end of the paper:

Most importantly, we cannot draw conclusions regarding causation.
In summary, these results suggest four distinct and robust patterns of AA attendance over time — low, medium, initially high with steep decline, and initially high with gradual decline — with little evidence of a strong relationship between treatment exposure and patterns of AA attendance.

"...little evidence of a strong relationship..." So this is much ado about nothing, and it means nothing, other than the fact that sending people to treatment doesn't make them go to A.A. meetings for very long. But we already knew that just from looking at the dropout rate at A.A. meetings. The alcoholics go to treatment, and then they go to A.A., and then they go to the bar.

Have a good day now.

== Orange

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**     A recent review by the Cochrane Library, a health-care research group,
**     of studies on alcohol treatment conducted between 1966 and 2005 states
**     its results plainly: "No experimental studies unequivocally
**     demonstrated the effectiveness of AA or TSF [12-step facilitation"
**     approaches for reducing alcohol dependence or problems."
**     We're addicted to rehab. It doesn't even work., By Bankole A. Johnson,
**     Sunday, August 8, 2010
**     http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/08/06/AR2010080602660.html

May 22, 2009, Friday: Day 22, continued:

Canada Goose family with goslings
The family that adopted the orphan.
The orphan is in the middle. But of course. The orphan was always trying to shove itself into the middle of the pack of goslings.

[More gosling photos below, here.]

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Date: Tue, June 28, 2011 6:46 pm     (answered 29 June 2011)
Ferentzyrom: "Peter Ferentzy."
Subject: radio appearance

I will be on "Cultural Baggage" Sunday July 2, at 6:30 Central Time, which is 7:30 Eastern time. This is their link:

From their website:

Cultural Baggage

Launched in early 2001, Cultural Baggage, hosted by Dean Becker, is the only nationally distributed radio program focused on discussing the war on drugs.

The weekly, half-hour program features interviews with prominent experts, such as U.S. Representatives John Conyers (D-MI) and Ron Paul (R-TX); Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman; and Superior Court Judge James Gray.

Cultural Baggage features timely and candid interviews with elected officials, judges, scientists, doctors, authors, entertainers, police officers, wardens, prisoners, and patients about current drug war issues, such as medical marijuana, sentencing reform, racial profiling, and police corruption.

Peter Ferentzy, PhD, Author of Dealing With Addiction — why the 20th century was wrong


Okay, Peter,

I'll publicize this. Good luck with your show.

And have a good day.

== Orange

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**     It is part of an all-out war on the American people by a
**     government interested only in control."
**             ==  Gore Vidal

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Date: Wed, June 29, 2011 8:27 am     (answered 29 June 2011)
From: "John McC"
Subject: Forum links "broken"??

Clicks on the "New Forum topics" are redirecting to some "error" page written in German!

Yes, there are two things going on there. First, for some odd reason, if you click on some links on the left margin when you first get into the forum, you get a "404 Page not found" error message. That is just a bug in the Drupal system. If you click on "Forums" on the left, then the same links on the left will work from the following page.

The "404 Seite nicht Gefunden" page is mine. I speak German, so it's just a lark.

Have a good day now.

== Orange

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011 12:14 pm     (answered 29 June 2011)
From: "John McC"
Subject: Re: Forum links "broken"??

I guess speaking German allows you to translate into English all of the primary-source, outright NAZI connections Buchman had with the Third Reich! ;)

What the hell is the "Drupal" system? The source that runs the forum's web-site?

Yes on translating the Buchman stuff, although I don't have nearly enough of the original documents. I sure would love it if somebody in Germany raided the archives.

Drupal is the name of the forum software. Look at
if you want to see something about it.

In general, Drupal is excellent, and it is free. But it does still have a few bugs and problems.

Have a good day now.

== Orange

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011 1:31 pm
From: "John McC"
Subject: Re: Forum links "broken"??

Are there any archives left to be raided (that didn't get destroyed in WW II, or plundered by the Allies afterwards?)

Oh yeh, huge archives. In the mid-nineteen-fifties, the Allies turned all of their captured archives over to the new German government, which sealed the archives for 50 years. Well 50 years ended just a few years ago, so now common folk like you or I can go to Germany and poke through the archives, and actually see the original documents.

If I win the lottery, I think I'll vacation in Germany and search some archives.

Have a good day now.
== Orange

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**     It isn't as good, but my driving has improved."
**     == Nina, on "Just Shoot Me", 13 Jan 2006.

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Date: Tue, June 28, 2011 9:05 pm     (answered 29 June 2011)
From: "BlogTalkRadio"
Subject: Show Reminder — stop13stepinaa — Mike Blame Denial and James G form the Famous youtube video!


You are receiving this email because you requested that BlogTalkRadio.com remind you when select shows are about to air.

Show Details:

Show: Mike Blame Denial and James G form the Famous youtube video!

Date/Time: Jun 28, 2011 10:00 PM PDT

Listen: Click to listen.

Or copy and paste the link below:


And do not forget, if you want to call in live and speak with the host, be sure to dial (818)475-9211. You will be placed into the caller queue where you will still be able to hear the show while you are on hold.

If you miss this above event you can listen to the archive anytime by clicking on the same link above.

Enjoy the show,

The BlogTalkRadio Team

Well, that was last night. However, you can go to the same URL and download the program and listen to it again and again. I've been doing that with all of the shows lately.

By the way, remember that Monica has a show on every Tuesday evening. However, the hour listed seems odd. I remember 6 PM or 7 PM Pacific time. It definitely was not 10 PM.

Have a good day.

== Orange

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**     Yes.

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Date: Sun, June 26, 2011 1:03 pm
From: "Kevin McC."
Subject: Interesting

thats an interesting observation.


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**     Reagan professed to believe in the fundamentalist Christian
**     doctrine that the end of the world was at hand.  At the very
**     least, this should have called into question his concern for
**     the nation's long-term welfare.  Unburdened by such mundane
**     cares, he cast aside all restraint in the pursuit of economic
**     "growth," and financed the next phase of suburban
**     expansion by encouraging the greatest accumulation of debt
**     in world history.  Why worry about borrowing from the future
**     when you don't believe in the future?
**       ==  James H. Kunstler, The Geography of Nowhere, p 110.

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Date: Thu, June 30, 2011 8:29 am     (answered 2 July 2011)
From: "Cynthia M."
Subject: Question


Could I please get more information about your organization? Specifically, I'd like to learn where you found your statistics on the success and failure rates of self-help groups like AA.

Cindi M.

Hello Cynthia,

Thanks for the letter. There is no organization. It's just me, Terrance Hodgins, one person in Forest Grove, Oregon, collecting information and writing and maintaining a web site. Although I do have friends who send me findings from time to time.

The sources of information about the A.A. failure rate are all listed in the file The Effectiveness of the Twelve-Step Treatment. Each item of information includes the sources, like the medical report or book that describes the test or program.

There is just one exception: A friend sent me a bunch of information that he had about the sales of sobriety coins in a large area of Texas, and that gave me one more way to see the A.A. dropout rate. Look here for the distribution of sobriety coins.

Have a good day.

== Orange

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**     "A well conducted professional study" (page 19) showed that
**     "some 5% of newcomers are still attending meetings
**     after 12 months. This is a truly terrible statistic.
**     Again we must ask 'Where does the fault lie?'" (page 2)
**     == Dr. Ron Whitington, Chairman General Service Board,
**     AA Around Australia, Spring Edition No 90, October 1994

     By the way, a skeptic wrote to AA Australia, questioning that quote.
     After much hemming and hawing, they verified it.  Look here.

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Date: Thu, June 30, 2011 12:02 am     (answered 2 July 2011)
From: "Alohalani"
Subject: hi!

OK, I like some of the things on the web site, but I would also like to know who you are. You're a university level teacher, apparently, so there's no reason for any mystery that I can see. Or at least, that's my hope...


— Alohalani

M. Alohalani B., M. A. Political Science
President, Hawaii Interpreter Action Network
Hawaii State Judiciary Certified Court Interpreter, Spanish & English
Member, Office of Language Access Advisory Council
Member, NAJIT Committee on Shared Concerns with the Bench & Bar

Hello Alohalani,

Thanks for the question. There is no big mystery. I broke my anonymity years ago. My name is Terrance Hodgins and I live in Forest Grove, Oregon.

The reason for the anonymity in the first place was because I was in the odd situation of living in housing that was owned by the same corporation as ran a fraudulent "treatment center" that gave me a cocaine-snorting Internet-child-pornographer child rapist as a sobriety counselor. I didn't want to end up homeless for telling the truth and challenging the expensive hoax that is called "treatment".

But things have changed, and I am living in a much better place now, and they cannot retaliate for me telling the truth. I continue to use the Orange name because it has been my pen name for so many years that it's an old habit, and many people know me by no other name.

I am not connected to academia, although I like to joke that I have a Ph.D. from the School of Hard Knox. I dropped out of Berkeley in 1966 at the height of the psychedelic revolution. (And yes, I inhaled.)

Have a good day now.

== Orange

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[The previous letter from Vernon is here.]

Date: Wed, June 29, 2011 9:41 pm     (answered 2 July 2011)
From: "Vernon L."
Subject: RE: AA (what else?)

So, one experience cashed you on the whole deal huh? Interesting.

No, Vernon, it was not just one experience. The propaganda technique you are trying to use there is called Minimization. It wasn't just one experience, or one fault in A.A. I really got turned off to A.A. when I found that it was a lie and a fraud from beginning to end. Try reading the files,

  1. The 12 Biggest Secrets of A.A.
  2. The 12 Biggest Lies of A.A.
  3. What's Not Good About A.A.?

Have you ever considered that in their quest for understanding, after reading the really negative stuff on your site a whole bunch of people might just cash in too,.... and die?

Now you are using the propaganda technique called "Fear Mongering", or "Argue from Adverse Consequences".

Arguing that alcoholics will die if I tell the truth about A.A. is a common Stepper stunt to try to avoid hearing the truth, and trying to prevent anyone else from hearing the truth, either. Look here for a long list of such A.A. accusations.

Since A.A. kills more people than it saves, there is no reason to worry that people are dying because they get warned about the A.A. cult religion.

AA granted me a place to turn when their was nothing else. I didn't have the will of self to just say fuck AA.

Huh? That doesn't make much sense. It's nice that A.A. gave you a chair and a cup of coffee, but so what? Then you didn't have the will power to quit the cult? What are you saying?

You stand on your years of self-sobriety as if you have an alternative, but this web-site, full of thrashing something you personally dismiss from one experience as snake oil, offers nothing as an alternative.

Wrong again. Read this, where I listed what has helped many people: How did you get to where you are?

At least, as far as I can see, you don't have any monied sponsors, you apparently have no profit motive. You apparently post this site out of pure motives. Sad that they are negative motives. In your picture on Facebook you look like you are happy, and I hope you are.

Right. I don't run a money-grubbing cult, and I am quite happy, thank you.

But self-satisfaction is a far cry from serenity
And souls continue to weep............

And that is more cultish bullshit. As if practicing Frank Buchman's cult religion had given anyone "serenity". Not gonna happen.

And happiness is not the same thing as "self-satisfaction". That propaganda trick is called Exchange A Term.

The truth is, practicing Buchmanism is what gave people smug self-satisfaction, where they were sure that they had a special place in the Lord's favor.

Oh well, have a good day anyway.

== Orange

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**    The Sagan rule:
**    "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
**    The far-fetched claims of Bill Wilson that Frank Buchman's
**    cult religion could cure alcoholism have not been backed
**    up by even a little ordinary evidence, never mind some
**    extraordinary evidence.

[The next letter from Vernon is here.]

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Date: Thu, June 30, 2011 8:41 pm     (answered 2 July 2011)
From: "John J."
Subject: Website

I just stumbled on your website and I'm really perplexed as to what I should make of it. I'm having trouble deciding whether you are legitimately concerned about AA being a cult, whether you are just a disgruntled malice filled person who wants to try and ruin a chance of recovery for a questioning alcoholic or whether you have some other program of recovery you are involved in that you are trying to promote by bashing AA. After all you do seek to be quite fond of SMART.

Hello John,

It is very simple: I am opposed to foisting quack medicine and cult religion on sick people and lying to them about how well it works.

I don't want to argue whether AA meets some Webster definition of a cult or not, what I'm utterly surprised at is how you figure AA does more harm than good and therefore you should create a website and spend countless hours trying to refute it in your articles? How can you say AA is harmful and only 5% if people stay sober, when you can go to any city in the civilized and find thousands in each city that have years and decades of sobriety and are living proof that they were once hopeless drunks and AA has impacted their life positively?

Apparently, you have not bothered to read the file The Effectiveness of the Twelve-Step Treatment. That web page contains the reports from all of the doctors who have done proper tests of A.A's effects.

A.A. does not save 5% of the alcoholics. Five percent per year is the normal rate of spontaneous remission in alcoholics. A.A. only appears to have a 5% success rate because A.A. steals the credit for the people who were going to quit drinking anyway.

The real A.A. recovery rate, above and beyond the normal rate of spontaneous remission, is zero. Cult religion just doesn't work as a cure for addictions.

I don't care about what some double blind randomized academic study of AAs success rates shows. Everyone know how difficult it is to create a psychological case study on a group such as AA and get any reliable data.

Bullshit. First, you say that you don't care about the real facts, and then you try to use the "Everybody Knows" propaganda trick: Everybody's Doing It, Everybody Knows, and Everybody Says.

And it isn't that hard to do a proper test. Look here for a description of a randomized longitudinal controlled study.

From my own experience as an AA member I can testify myself that there can be a revolving door of newcomers and that success may appear low. But many of those people never really adopt the tenets of the program and apply it to their lives. Plus if they did, how would this be measured? Maybe from a standpoint only measuring the people who come to a few meetings and their success with sobriety, the success rate would appear low. But how can you honestly say that on balance AA does more harm than good? If that was the case AA wouldn't exist! 76 years and growing strong!

On the contrary, cults do exist in spite of being harmful. Scientology is doing just fine, and it is possibly even a worse fraud than A.A., although not quite as successful as A.A. But nearly, and it's been "growing strong" since 1950. And the Jehovah's Witnesses are doing just fine, too, in spite of the world's failure to end in 1975. They have been around for about a century. Cults do not just always die out just because they are wrong.

To claim that the A.A. program doesn't work because the people didn't work the program right is a dodge. The fact remains that A.A. still doesn't work. A.A. still fails to make the alcoholics quit drinking. It doesn't really matter what the excuse is, A.A. still doesn't work, and doesn't save the lives of the alcoholics. A.A. is useless.

Oh, and A.A. is not "growing strong", it is shrinking. The membership is in decline. Subscriptions to The Grapevine are down so far that they are having to lay off employees, and it may just stop publishing soon. It is losing a lot of money. The A.A. headquarters is so desperate for money that they commit fraud and perjury and sue A.A. members.

I can honestly say that A.A. does more harm than good because that is what it does. Heck, even your own leader, Dr. and Prof. George E. Vaillant, a member of the A.A. Board of Trustees, proved with an 8-year-long test that A.A. had a zero-percent cure rate, and an "appalling" death rate:

"Not only had we failed to alter the natural history of alcoholism, but our death rate of three percent a year was appalling."
== Dr. George E. Vaillant, formerly a member of the A.A. Board of Trustees, describing the treatment of alcoholism with Alcoholics Anonymous, in "The Natural History of Alcoholism: Causes, Patterns, and Paths to Recovery", Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1983, pages 283-286.

And for your extremely negative judgmental portrayal of the cofounders, you should be ashamed. You mention nothing about the countless hours these men spent trying to help drunks at no cost to them, about the many acts of service they chose to engage in. You only mention negative things that are plain rumors and conjecture, and you present these things so that they should refute any good that these men have done.

Baloney. Hours spent foisting cult religion on sick people is nothing to brag about.

And the reality is: A.A. does NOTHING to be of service to alcoholics. A.A. does not help to feed the homeless, or run free stores for the homeless, or help the alcoholics in any way. A.A. just tries to recruit alcoholics into the cult. That is official A.A. policy that dates all the way back to Bill Wilson, who taught in the Big Book that A.A. should not be of service to alcoholics:

The minute we put our work on a service plane, the alcoholic commences to rely upon our assistance rather than upon God.
The Big Book, 3rd & 4th editions, William G. Wilson, Working With Others, page 98.

So don't help the alcoholics, and don't perform any services for them. Bill says that they must learn to rely on God. That is pure Buchmanism, and that is disgusting. The Oxford Group never dispensed any charity, either, and Frank Buchman also taught that his followers should not help the poor or disabled because that would "make materialists out of them."

You should feel especially bad about where you underhandedly suggest AA founders were Nazi sympathizers. Yes Frank Buchman said what he said, and the Oxford group no longer exists. AA and the founders never had anything to do with those statements he made. You are committing intellectual dishonesty sir.

Now you are really descending into denial. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were members of the Oxford Group while Frank Buchman went to the Nuremberg Nazi Party rallies year after year, and came home from the 1936 Berlin Olympics and declared to a New York daily newspaper, "I thank heaven for a man like Adolf Hitler..." Neither Bill Wilson nor Dr. Bob quit the Oxford Group in protest when Frank Buchman praised Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. They just kept right on recruiting more alcoholics for the Oxford Group. They were neither innocent nor ignorant.

And haven't you noticed the total silence of Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith on the subject of Hitler and the Nazis? Neither of them opposed the Nazis, or criticized Dr. Frank Buchman for his involvement with the Nazis, or made any public statement denouncing the Oxford Group's Nazi sympathizing, or wrote any letter to the editor opposing Nazi sympathizers. Nothing. The silence is deafening. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob just kept on recruiting alcoholics for the Oxford Group.

Likewise, you will find no criticism of Dr. Frank Buchman's Nazi sympathies in the various histories of A.A. like Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age, or PASS IT ON, or Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers. They just gloss over the whole thing and pretend that it never happened.

In fact, Bill Wilson even praised dictatorships himself, and later bragged that Alcoholics Anonymous had "all of the advantages of the modern dictatorship".

In A.A. there is active still another form of association, a form of which the world is today in great doubt. It has its virtues, nevertheless, especially for us of Alcoholics Anonymous: I am speaking of dictatorship. In A.A. we have two dictators, and we profit and grow through both. One is John Barleycorn, who is never very far from the elbow of each of us. The other is the Father of Lights, who presides over all men. God is saying to us, "Learn my will and do it." And John Barleycorn is saying to each of us, "You had better do God's will or I will kill you!"
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age William G. Wilson (1957), page 225.

Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Joseph Stalin had really given dictatorships a bad name before and during World War Two, but that didn't stop Bill Wilson from still admiring dictatorships as a form of government (just as long as he got to be the dictator). Other people may have had great doubts about the virtues of dictatorships, but not Bill Wilson. He was keeping the faith, and making sure that people could continue to "profit and grow" through dictatorships in Alcoholics Anonymous.

"Then, too we have a dictatorship — and how! God constantly says to us, 'I trust you will find and do my will.' John Barleycorn, always at our elbow, says, 'If you don't conform, I'll kill you or drive you mad.' So we have all the advantages and more, of the modern dictatorship."
Bill Wilson, quoted by his secretary in Grateful To Have Been There, Nell Wing, page 22.

"Follow the dictates of a Higher Power and you will presently live in a new and wonderful world..."
The Big Book, 3rd Edition, William G. Wilson, Working With Others, page 100.

Therefore we [AA] have the full benefits of the murderous political dictatorships of today but none of their liabilities.
Alcoholics Anonymous Comes Of Age, William G. Wilson, pages 105—106.
The full benefits of murderous dictatorships? What benefits? Benefits to whom?

And what are the liabilities of dictatorships that A.A. does not have?

Yes, Bill Wilson was really in favor of dictatorships, just as long as he got to be the dictator.

[A.A. members are] impersonally and severely disciplined from without.
(A personal letter from Bill Wilson to Dr. Harry Tiebout, 9 Nov 1950, quoted in Not-God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, Ernest Kurtz, page 129.)

We saw we needn't always be bludgeoned and beaten into humility.
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, William G. Wilson, page 75.

(Not always?)

AA is filled with sick people trying to get better. Everyone who comes to AA is troubled, the point is we are trying to better ourselves. No one claims to be a Saint.

And that line "We are not saints" is used as a cover for everything from theft to rape.

You're suggestion that pure unsupported abstinence is more beneficial than AA is especially weak. The whole philosophy of AA is directed at people who are unsuccessful at doing this. If alcoholics of this variety could simply stop on their own unaided willpower AA wouldn't have a need to exist. In every meeting you will find people who tried the white knuckle method for decades while drifting further and further into the dark pits of alcoholism. Many who destroy themselves completely in the process of trying to gain control.

More baloney. Alcoholics can and do stop on their own. The claim that alcoholics need the A.A. program is just A.A. recruiting propaganda.

The Harvard Mental Health Letter, from The Harvard Medical School, stated quite plainly:

On their own
There is a high rate of recovery among alcoholics and addicts, treated and untreated. According to one estimate, heroin addicts break the habit in an average of 11 years. Another estimate is that at least 50% of alcoholics eventually free themselves although only 10% are ever treated. One recent study found that 80% of all alcoholics who recover for a year or more do so on their own, some after being unsuccessfully treated. When a group of these self-treated alcoholics was interviewed, 57% said they simply decided that alcohol was bad for them. Twenty-nine percent said health problems, frightening experiences, accidents, or blackouts persuaded them to quit. Others used such phrases as "Things were building up" or "I was sick and tired of it." Support from a husband or wife was important in sustaining the resolution.
Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction — Part III, The Harvard Mental Health Letter, Volume 12, Number 4, October 1995, page 3.
(See Aug. (Part I), Sept. (Part II), Oct. 1995 (Part III).)

The NIAAA's 2001-2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions interviewed over 43,000 people. Using the criteria for alcohol dependence found in the DSM-IV, they found:

"About 75 percent of persons who recover from alcohol dependence do so without seeking any kind of help, including specialty alcohol (rehab) programs and AA. Only 13 percent of people with alcohol dependence ever receive specialty alcohol treatment."

And the huge glaring fact that you keep trying to ignore is the fact that Frank Buchman's cult religion is not a cure or a treatment for alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. A.A. does not work. A.A. does not sober up the alcoholics. You try to explain away A.A.'s failure by claiming that the alcoholics didn't work the program right, but the fact still remains that A.A. fails to sober up the alcoholics. Alcoholics do not need A.A. any more than they need an extra hole in their heads.

Anyways I'm sure you will respond with some windy well documented argument, but Im quite certain that it will entirely miss the main point: that AA does work, there are millions of people and their families who testify to it every day in meetings all over the world. Are we really just brainwashed?

Yes, you are really brainwashed, and no, A.A. does not work. I have not missed the main point, you have. The point was supposed to be to get the alcoholics to quit drinking. A.A. fails to do that. A.A. does not work. A.A. just steals the credit for those few people who quit drinking in the neighborhood of an A.A. meeting by using their own will power and self-control. Furthermore, you are determined to avoid learning the truth, which will keep you brainwashed.

And there are no "millions" of A.A. members, either. The total worldwide membership is under 2 million, and the majority of them are just newcomers who will drop out soon. The real hard-core A.A. membership is only a few hundred thousand. The rest is just churn. A.A. is a cult in decline.

The fact that a bunch of people sit in cult religion meetings and sing the praises of the cult does not prove that the cult is a good thing. Think about the Scientologists, and the Moonies, and the Hari Krishnas, and the FLDS... they all say the same things too. Heck, every cult in the world proclaims itself a great success that is saving mankind. And all of those cults have their poster children who deliver testimonials that declare that the wonderful cult saved them from a life of sin or some such thing. The A.A. scam isn't even original.

Lastly, I notice that you unquestioningly accept the statements of some A.A. members who are not entitled to speak for A.A. Isn't that what the standard A.A. dogma says? "Nobody is entitled to speak for A.A."? But when people are praising A.A., suddenly they are entitled to speak for A.A. after all, aren't they? So that is yet another A.A. bait-and-switch trick: First, nobody is entitled to speak for A.A., and then all kinds of people are entitled to speak for A.A., just as long as you like what they say.

AA does not claim that it is the only successful method for treating alcoholism, despite what kind of statement you may have heard from some random dude in a meeting who may have implied this. I challenge you to find this in the literature.

Challenge accepted. That claim is standard A.A. propaganda, and it's a common A.A. bait-and-switch trick that I described at length, here: First, Bill Wilson declared that Alcoholics Anonymous was only one of many ways to achieve sobriety, then he declared that it was The Only Way.

I also described the same thing in the cult characteristic Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY.

Those web pages list such jewels as:

Any willing newcomer feels sure A.A. is the only safe harbor for the foundering vessel he has become.
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, William G. Wilson, page 35.

... you may be suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer.     ...
At first some of us tried to avoid the issue, hoping against hope we were not true alcoholics. But after a while we had to face the fact that we must find a spiritual basis of life — or else.

The Big Book, 3rd Edition, William G. Wilson, page 44.

...he was insisting that he had found the only cure.
The Big Book, 3rd Edition, page 257.

...they had found the only remedy...
The Big Book, 3rd Edition, page 259.

'Says an Atlanta executive who has been a member for 25 years: "I am deeply convinced that AA is the only way."'
TIME, April 22, 1974

Unless each A.A. member follows to the best of his ability our suggested [Bill Wilson's required] Twelve Steps to recovery, he almost certainly signs his own death warrant. His drunkenness and dissolution are not penalties inflicted by people in authority; they result from his personal disobedience to spiritual principles [Bill Wilson's cult religion practices].
Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, William G. Wilson, page 174.

Popular A.A. slogans say:

  • "A.A. is the last house on the street."
  • "It's Our Way or the Die Way."
  • "Work The Steps, Or Die!"
  • If you don't "Work The Program", then your fate will be "Jails, Institutions, Or Death".

The A.A. "First Tradition", which Bill Wilson wrote, says:

A.A. must continue to live or most of us will surely die.

Well, Bill Wilson says that there just isn't any way for alcoholics to survive other than go to A.A. No other methods or groups or organizations will save the alcoholics from death. If A.A. doesn't exist, then most of the alcoholics will surely die. A.A. is the ONLY way.

There is more, much more. Check out those links.

I'm just glad I've had years of experience in recovery before stumbling on this filth of a website. I hope your conscience and karma pays you back well for any opportunities of recovery that you have destroyed for some fragile, scared alcoholic browsing the web, who could have benefited from AA.

John J.

Okay, John, Enjoy your life in the cult. It's obvious that you don't want to know the truth, and you won't learn anything because you reject all information that you don't like.

And I see that you just had to finish your letter with the standard A.A. complaint that telling the truth about A.A. will kill some of those poor feeble-minded alcoholics. Look here for a long list of such A.A. accusations. But since A.A. kills more alcoholics than it saves, telling people the truth about A.A. is not depriving anybody of benefits — other than maybe the money-grubbing perjuring A.A. leaders.

By the way, you said that A.A. does not claim to be The Only Way. Well then, steering alcoholics away from A.A. and towards something else shouldn't hurt them at all, should it? They can just recover some other way that doesn't involve the practices of an old pro-Nazi cult religion from the nineteen-thirties.

Have a good day anyway.

== Orange

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**  He is "obviously brainwashed, although a light rinse would
**  probably have been sufficient. Even worse, it's been Scotchgarded,
**  and is impervious to contamination by any idea which conflicts
**  with his prejudices."
**     == walter_map,  May 14th, 2007
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Date: Sat, July 2, 2011 1:28 am     (answered 2 July 2011)
From: "jane s."
Subject: Thanks

Thanks so much for all the information you've gathered here.

Your site has explained to me the actual TECHNIQUES I fell for which kept me involved with AA for a short time. The bait and switch, and blatant dishonesty of saying 'a god of your understanding' which slowly becomes g.o.d. (no WAY the God of scripture and an abomination). I'm in agreement with you that 12 step theology is incompatible with Christianity. Aspects bothered me, but I pushed the red flags aside and tried to reconcile the 12 steps to my faith Christ, under the erroneous belief that I needed the 12 steps in order to stay sober. They are irreconcilable. They are not biblical — not only not biblical, but anti biblical. The disease model of alcoholism is not found in scripture.

I have not been intoxicated for years. Total abstinence was a lifestyle I chose for myself and achieved on my own. I realised my drinking was a problem before it actually became a problem — just the way I reacted to the alcohol. I somewhere picked up the idea that in order to keep the happy sobriety I already had, I needed AA. Oops. I saw the heretical doctrine in AA for myself but you have helped me see HOW I was sucked in as well as exposing a lot of contradictions and nonsense in the big book and unknown history of the founders.

Thanks, again.

Hi Jane,

You are welcome. Thanks for the letter, and I'm glad to hear that you are free. And sober. So congratulations on your sobriety, and have a good life now.

And have a good day too.

== Orange

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May 22, 2009, Friday: Day 22, continued:

Canada Goose family with goslings
The family that adopted the orphan
The orphan is hidden behind the other goslings. The pigeons are scrounging left-overs. The father is standing guard. Now, both the mother and the gosling in front are exposing their underwater eyelids.

[The story of Carmen continues here.]

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