The Pacific Group of Clancy I.
And the Atlantic Group, Foxhall Group, Badger Group, and Nursery...

  1. I used to attend the badger group in waukesha, the biggest aa cult in waukesha, once a year they fly their guru Clancy I. in to tell his story. The same one for the last 17 years or so... the same story over and over again... What has always been shocking to me is the rationalization of a death after a person has quit taking their meds under the so-called direction of their sponsor. ... the new york office was contacted many times because of deaths over the years, but there have never been any consequences set upon them. They all scatter under the dictum, "aa is made up of individual members".

  2. In AA, I have encountered countless people who are honestly spooky and cult-like in their behaviors. Many of them belong to a subset of AA that really creeps me the fuck out [that] is called The Pacific Group.

  3. I had the bad fortune also of getting mixed up in a UK offshoot of Clancy's Pacific Group cult... I knew something was weird right off but they were the closest meetings to my house. So for your records, The Plymouth Group in Plymouth, UK, which expanded to the Vision For You and Road to Recovery groups in London are straight-up mind-control cults using standard mind-control tactics. Those guys definitely don't have a clue as to what Easy Does It means!

  4. And here, in a MySpace blog,;=137850505&blogID;=276903523
    a former member of the "Pacific Group" on the West Coast states that the Pacific Group and the Midtown Group share a lot of the same characteristics. Especially notice the missionary attitude, the intention to move to other towns and start Pacific-style groups there.

  5. There is a group in Los Angeles that is very Cult-like. The group is called the Pacific Group. The leader Clancy is getting older now I don't know if he is still @ it, but for years the women complained about his sexual misconduct and financial exploitation. He controlled members in all areas of their lives. He had people show up on Sat. and pick up trash in his yard. It was his way or no way.

  6. In 1997 I found a Clancy Imislund (California, Homeless Shelter dude) clone who took me under her wing and turned me into an AA robot. I spent almost 10 years polluting the minds of newcomers and having my own brain twisted into knots.

  7. I have seen the cult-like power demonstrated by figures such as "Clancy". ... I went to a UK convention last year (the first and last time) to hear this lunatic claim that the world's doctors are wrong and he is right concerning BiPolar disorder.

  8. ...Clancy and the Pacific Group in Los Angeles. The group started about 40 years ago and Clancy appointed himself the all-knowing guru. It has grown over the years into a very large cult. The women in the group complained about Clancy's sexual exploitation for years. To my knowledge nothing was done about it.

  9. I returned to LA to live with my family in Brentwood, just down the street from the central meeting location of Clancy Imusland's Pacific Group. Naturally, I went there, because of its proximity, ...
    I quickly got absorbed into the group's meeting routine, sponsorship techniques (as a sponsee), sexist practices, elitist attitude, weekends at Clancy's house, parties, dances, dinners on and on. It was my first introduction into the structured cult lifestyle.   ...   I would place the Pacific Group of AA in a more advanced category of behavioral control and thought reform.

  10. You mention Pacific Group and one other. That is more than a group. It's been a movement impacting AA everywhere. I think it's very dangerous.

  11. Used to be part of the Pacific group in LA.   ...   Not the AA way, but Clancy's way.

  12. ...poor Sarah fell victim to the "cult within a cult" movement started by Clancy Imislund from the Pacific Group... The crap these people taught about medication was reprehensible.


    [Note that the Foxhall groups were founded by, and are still run by, sponsees of Clancy I.]


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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Who are these fools????? Why are they here?????
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    "Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed."

    — Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)

    Despite the fact that Sen. Goldwater is one of my political heroes, I think this quote pretty much sums up the recent revelations of wrongdoing at the Midtown* AA Group in Washington DC. Having been a sober member of AA for 13 consecutive years (or as my friend Drew G. would ask "in a row?"), I believe I have to address these allegations by stating that there are more than a few AA groups like Midtown where this bullshit of coercion, intimidation, and "13th stepping" (engaging in sexual relations with newcomer for my non-AA friends out there) has gone on. While the chicken shits at the AA General Service Office in New York want to stick their heads in the sand and state the 4th tradition of group autonomy, this bullshit does affect AA as a whole.

    Let me share with you a similar experience I had with a AA group while I was living in Minneapolis. I was part of a group called "Foxhall Chapter 7" which met on Thursday nights at a church in Hopkins, MN. Ironically, the inspiration for the Foxhall Group (where there are several nationwide) began in Washington DC like the Midtown Group. At this meeting, there was an overt air of superiority among the people sponsored by the self appointed messiah of the group and their descendants known to each other as "pigeons." Anyway, this "messiah" in his early sobriety had committed adultery and had an affair with a newcomer woman who was about 30 days sober and was working as his nanny. But after all, it was OK for him to commit what I consider to be a sin of Biblical proportions but a no-no for the newcomers to the group.

    I saw a lot of this hero worship run amok in this group and my former sponsor and I got caught up in what we now dub "the dog and pony show" of Minneapolis/St Paul AA. Women and men sitting together with their sponsor saving their seats and getting them a cup of coffee and making a big Broadway production out of it. The men usually wore suits and ties and the women dressed up too and were instructed to go out and meet newcomers. The way they approached newcomers was akin to a used car salesman. Was some of their concern genuine? Perhaps. I usually felt there was some ulterior motive involved like a person's desire to control another person and emulate their sponsor all in the name of "unconditional love" of course. Then again, Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge nutjobs told the Cambodian people the same thing as they tried to turn their beloved country into a collectivist agrarian society. (Oh damn, there I go again on one of my anti-Communist rants again....fucking Libertarians!)

    I seemed to be more interested in the downtroddens-looking ones from the treatment centers and would talk to them about things like football and the championship ring I was wearing. Why shove a bunch of useless cliches down their throat that they were already hearing from the camp commandants when relatable subjects like sports seemed to put them at ease? That was my theory and still is. But my "message" was not good enough according to some of these image hogs. These minions need to call us every night and be at our every whim whenever we demand it. That fucking Mirmak is an egomanical jock run amok! How dare he tell these minions that there is an actual life out there once you sober up? Believe or not, there is. And to the dickwad at Foxhall (Chad) that asked me if I was friends with Steve Rosga, the answer is yes and he is a hell of a lot more fun to be around than you! (See Steve's profile in a previous blog for an idea of the company that I keep)

    My sponsor at the time pretty much left me alone to do my thing much to his sponsor's dismay. Unfortunately, a few years later he ended up moving to Cincinnati and suggested that I find someone locally. So I met this guy named Jim S. who moved up from Iowa with his AA wife Jane H. (why they don't share the same last name is beyond me). Anyway, Jim and Jane sponsored a gaggle of men and women at the Foxhall groups in Minnesota and Iowa.

    At first, Jim seemed like an easy going guy and I thought I would ask him since he was sponsoring a couple friends of mine. Like a Pavlovian dog, Jim licked his chops and thought to himself that I was going to be a fun prospect for him. So he tells me that I have an assigned time to call him once a week just to let him know how I was doing with my program. As far as I was concerned, my program was to do the 12 steps and continue to live my life in an ethical manner in all of my affairs. I guess that wasn't good enough for ol' Jim since I needed to be involved in every form of AA service known to man and have AA be the centerpiece of my existence. I went on a few service calls with him at first, but I thought a day at the gym pumping iron was more beneficial since I was still playing football at the semipro level. But according to Jim, that wasn't helping the alcoholic receive "the message." OK, let's get this straight. I nearly ruin my college football career with my drinking and have a chance to redeem myself with my old college coach on this semipro team. (Keep in mind that I have like 7 years sobriety under my belt at this time) I think that message of redemption and real hope is fucking awesome and that is exactly what the newcomer needs to hear, not a life enslaved to the will of a control freak sponsor. Like an assinine child, Jim would hear none of it.

    The final straw in our relationship was my refusal to sponsor someone who was a convicted sex offender. In short, this man had committed some lewd acts with an underage girl. Once he divulged that information to me, I immediately informed him that I would not be his sponsor any longer. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I thought that his crime should be classified as a Federal capital crime punishable by death. In any case, word got out that I "fired" this sicko as a "pigeon" and caught all kinds of holy hell from Jim and some of his sponsor's minions for "saying no to AA." Never mind that my wife was 7 months pregnant with our daughter and I was going to become a father. Did I want this guy potentially around my infant girl? OH HELL NO!!! as my friends Gerone and Jamel would say. I flat out told Jim my views on child sex offenders and how the legal system should literally hang them high. I was told by Jim that my views on this guy's sexual proclivities towards children were an "outside issue" and I should let it go. Furthermore, I should reconsider my decision of sponsoring this guy bcause he is a "still suffering alcoholic." to which I told him "if you are so concerned about this, then why don't you sponsor him. Because he may be welcome into your home, but he sure as hell won't be welcome in mine." With that being said, I decided to end the sponsorship relationship with Jim and left Foxhall as a group. I was not about to compromise my principles and integrity for the sake of letting some sick pervert become a part of my life in the name of "carrying the message." As far as I am concerned, a rope around the neck and hung from a tree for this pervert would have been more apropo.

    The My Space page about the Midtown group also talks about some of the goofy things that these AAers did. I remember Jim's wife Jane was so concerned about wine being put food like chicken that she refused to consume such dishes and told her minions that it would lead to a relapse if they ate a dish made with wine. Did someone tell this culinary "expert" that the booze is cooked out and evaporates when they deglaze a pan? That was as comical as the fucktard who chewed someone out for putting Grey Poupon on their sandwich.

    I will close this long blog to address the practice of 13th stepping. I am proud to say that in all of my years of consecutive sobriety in AA that I never once participated in this practice. However, I would see some leecherous men try to fawn themselves over a lot of the newcomer women while telling their "pigeons" that it was forbidden for them to do so. One newcomer woman I remember fondly was named Amber. She was a very beautiful and well figured young lady. Anyway, a lot of the males in our group were seeking attention from her. She usually gave them a smile and said hi but that was usually the extent of her friendliness towards them. Anyway, she comes up to me one day and asks me "are all of the men like this in AA." I told her no and asked her why she asked me. She told me she felt that some of these men had ulterior motives. I am thinking to myself, "so why is she asking me?" Maybe she wants me to kick their asses within an inch of their lives which I felt like doing to a lot of the 13th steppers in our group. She then tells me that I seem pretty safe. OK, I thought....she obviously didn't talk to my college football coach. I looked at her and said "I'll protect you. Follow me." So I told everyone in the group a lie that she was my adopted sister and if they tried to fuck with her that I would fuck them up within an inch of their lives. Granted, that was an outright lie but I felt she needed to be assured that AA was a safe place for her. I always looked out for her like she was my little sister and we used to joke with one another about being siblings.

    As a result, Amber is still sober and living in Minneapolis. I was fortunate enough to have her be a part of our wedding when my wife and I wed. She told me for a rough and tumble kind of dude that I was, she was happy that I found someone special to spend the rest of my life with in a committed relationship. She also thanked me for looking out for her in her early sobriety. Unfortunately, there are other women who enter the fellowship who weren't or aren't as fortunate. By letting this practice happen and sticking our heads in the sand, AA unity will eventually dissolve slowly but surely leaving this fellowship in the trash heap of history. If this pissed off and sometimes crabby AAer has anything to say about it, I ain't going down without a fight to make this organization a safe haven for all who seek help. May God have mercy on the souls of the transgressors who seek to tarnish the AA name for their own twisted agenda because, and be forewarned, I won't. This is the least I can do for an organization that means a lot to me.

    And with that being said, I will defer my comments about AAers practicing medicine without a license for another blog. However, any person that truly cares about the AA program should be concerned about the shenanigans going on with the Midtown and Foxhall Groups. At this point, I will not be silent anymore because this shit does affect AA as a whole.

    In the words of Todd Beamer......"Let's Roll."

    [The next letter from Matt_M is here.]

  14. I was given an ultimatum by my sponsor to shave off my beard and cut my hair to "help my sobriety"   ...   And then it hit me that Clancy was my sponsor's sponsor and has been for a number of years!

  15. "Miss_A_Nonymous" says "I am a member of Clancy's family". That is, she is a member of the Atlantic Group.
    "ANYTIME I don't follow a direction, no matter how small, I get yelled at and
    lectured and told repeatedly that I'm not willing and haven't had a real
    bottom. There are no choices, it's an illusion. It's really controlling."

  16. "Miss_A_Nonymous"'s take on AG and Clancy:
    "I do find it irritating that it's obvious the group has a lot of money, as well as many committed members with a TON of money (the central location of the group is on park ave), but for some reason people would be brought up to speak at the podium at times and bash those who would come week after week and not put anything in the basket. It was always a huge guilt trip..."
    Suicides? "Oh yes. In December alone there were 3. One of them was a friend of mine. She left an AG party and jumped off a building a few blocks away."

  17. Sexual misconduct is so pervasive and ignored in AA that young women are being hurt, abused, and becoming pregnant while newly sober. Go to ANY Young People's meeting in the country and you will find young women, some young men, and many older men who have no business at a YP meeting. You can guess why they are there.
    The only LOGICAL conclusion is that AA as a WHOLE is so deeply dysfunctional as to be no help to me anymore.

  18. Wow, you spotted The Pacific Group a mile away! ... I would allege that almost all of the sexual abuse I was referring to happened at the hands of members of our local Pacific Group offshoot called "Nursery." The guy who harassed me for 3 years was a "Nursery Guy."

  19. i want to "share" the fact that at the atlantic group in new york city...

  20. I spent several years in AG, left at the beginning of 2011, tried to go back in October, but quickly left AG and AA. ... In addition to the great stuff that Miss A Nonymous notes in her responses to your questions, I'd also note the steering committee structure of AG.

  21. A true believer defends the Pacific Group.

  22. The Midnight Mission in Los Angeles, working for the Skid Row Alcoholic — are they really?

  23. Profile of a Clancy "Groupie" (Groupy) — What drives women in AA to follow Clancy and attend to his every need?

  24. I had to go into a cult recovery center after leaving the group... they really did a number on me.

  25. Here Clancy violates another AA'ers anonymity so he can show everyone he knows a star!

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